BEL AIR, Md. (WJZ) — Fundraising events in someone’s name are very common. But in a twist, last year, Mike Schuh introduced us to a Bel Air woman, who–before she died–organized her own memorial walk.

For this year’s event, Mike talks with one of their youngest volunteers.

Amanda Hichkad is one of the bravest people Mike Schuh has ever met. He came to know the wife and mother to three exactly one year ago.

“When you hear you have cancer, you don’t hear anything else,” she said.

Last spring, her cancer treatment stopped working. With her remaining time, she launched a fundraiser to help cancer patients pay for day-to-day needs.

Schuh: “Are you going to be here for walk number two?”

Hichkad: “No guarantees.”

She did make it, and crushed the $15,000 goal–instead raising $107,000. Four months later though, Amanda died.

Amanda’s son Cooper likes to play ball. Daniel is his best friend. Neither will play in the NBA.

“The second annual CCA Celebration Walk will take place on May 9. You might remember me from last year,” Daniel said.

Daniel has other skills–like raising money for Amanda’s walk.

“I asked this year for $3. Last year, I asked for $2,” he said.

Whether his abundant personality or his letters, Lillian Hirsh couldn’t resist.

“You don’t even have to think about whether you can afford it or not, you just put it in the envelope and give it and know it will go to a good cause because he’s a good child,” said Hirsh.

Daniel has already raised $224 this year.

“Of course you want your kid to do well in school and do well in life, but character is more important,” she said. “And this is, to me, his true character,” said Elleen Rice, Daniel’s mom.

His sales pitch? It’s evolving, and he takes coaching well.

“Hey, this is where you thank her for giving the money,” chimed Schuh.

“Thank you for giving me the money,” Daniel said to Lillian Hirsh.

“Any time. Next year, I’m looking forward to seeing an envelope from you again,” she replied.

This year, they hope to raise $150,000. Walk-ups are welcome at the walk Saturday at 8 a.m. at Ripken Stadium.


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