The weather won’t be so bad today, despite a stalled cold front to the north and Ana to the south we will be under the remnants of high pressure today. While we will at least start rather cloudy again today it should end up being a decent afternoon, with some breaks of sun, and abnormally warm temperatures yet again. For the overnight, dewpoints in the upper 50s and low 60s will lead to a muggy feel and some patchy to locally dense fog.

Monday will see the safety net of high pressure fade as low pressure moves into the Great Lakes and the remnants of Ana scatter. Most of the activity will still surround us in all directions, but there is still a decent chance something will get into the area, probably just a shower or thunderstorm as of right now. While the trough will be approaching from the west temperatures aloft and at the surface will still be quite high, so at least the day has that going for it.

As ominous as the pattern looks on Monday we really luck out for Tuesday, with the front finally getting it’s push from the upper trough, picking up the moisture from Ana and pushing it out to sea, while at the same time the surface low gets pulled over Maine and brings the rest of the moisture northward. We will also manage to luck out in that the colder air will wait to get into the area until either late in the day and we should be able to climb to one of our warmest temperatures of the year before that happens.

That temperatures change will come however and Wednesday will be much seasonally appropriate, and for those who don’t appreciate the sudden warmth and humidity Wednesday will probably be hailed as a positive change. The end of the week will follow suit and the massive surface high overhead will bring some great conditions into the area. We will have to watch Saturday and Sunday to see if the next system will be able to bring about a change towards wetter weather.