Laura Keeley is the Duke beat reporter for the Raleigh News & Observer.

Laura joined Ed and Steve to talk about Rasheed Sulaimon transferring from Duke to Maryland after being dismissed from the Blue Devils program.

Laura started off by talking about Rasheed being dismissed from Duke and what led to that saying “everyone had been very hesitant top actually offer specifics as to what was the final straw…it was an accumulation of little things and Coach K lost his patience with Rasheed.” As for her assessment of the kind of guy Rasheed is Laura said “when we saw him as reporters after the games he was always very friendly and very polite…he was never short with us and never rude but you heard that he could be that way.” Laura also went on to talk about the allegations against Rasheed and how Duke investigated the claims along with the police, and how his situation could have been a false allegation that got out to the public.