By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — What to do, and what to avoid. The Transportation Security Administration wants to prepare passengers for their summer travels.

Pat Warren got some tips from the TSA.

Travel through BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport can be a piece of cake.

“They’re on time, quick to go through. I have TSA Pre-Approved, don’t have to take off my shoes,” said one woman.

“In and out quickly, and it’s excellent,” another traveler said.

Ease of travel can depend on what you wear.

“This time of year consider wearing flip flops. You’re going to want to take them off and put them in the bin,” said Lisa Farbstein, TSA.

And what you carry.

“This one’s 3.4 ounces or smaller, so it actually can fit in that bag,” Farbstein said.

Generally speaking, you can carry on liquids in 3.4 ounce containers or less, larger containers of baby formula and baby food are allowed, as are medications.

Travelers are allowed one book of paper matches and regular lighters and metal scissors less than four inches long.

“The idea is to be prepared, think in advance of what it is you’re going to pack to go on your vacation, but think in advance what should you unpack before you get to the checkpoint,” said Farbstein.

“Fireworks are not permitted in your checked or your carry-on bag,” she continued.

The TSA app allows you to type in what you want to bring and it will tell you how to pack it or not to bring it at all.

Beyond that, be mindful of your belongings.

“You do want to make sure that your piece of luggage has your ID on it,” said Farbstein. “If you have electronics with you, it’s smart to somehow have an identifier on that, too, because we’ll contact you and we’ll let you know we have it.”

TSA is expecting a ten percent increase in air travel over the Memorial Day weekend.

TSA screens nearly two million passengers a day.


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