BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Road rage. When it comes to driving, there’s a long list of what sets people off.

Tracey Leong explains why texting may be the biggest offender.

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It is the second year in a row texting has topped the list for causing some major aggravation. According to law enforcement, it is also one of the most dangerous driving habits.

Across the country, road rage plagues drivers–sometimes resulting in death.

“I’ve got this car up alongside me, just yelling at us,” said Joseph Walker, road rage victim.

WJZ’s Vic Carter sat down with road rage victim Joseph Walker, who used deadly force to stop an angry driver.

“I was in fear for me, I was in fear for my family. I had to,” said Walker.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 200 people died over a seven year period as a result of road rage.

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“You don’t know people’s anger. You don’t know how far they’ll go. Some people get so angry that they black out. They don’t even pay attention to how they actually react to it,” said Trooper First Class Diaz, Maryland State Police.

Travel website Expedia released the biggest road rage triggers. The list includes drivers who text, tailgate or multitask.

More than 50 percent of the drivers surveyed say their biggest frustration is bad drivers, but it’s just something they can’t avoid.

“People make stupid mistakes, like not using turn signals and stuff, cutting you off in front of you,” said driver Danny Jackson.

“Actually, a lot of people shouldn’t be driving anyway. They just don’t have the right disposition to be on the road and not considerate of others,” said Leo Moody, driver.

Drivers admit it’s difficult not to get upset, but law enforcement says road rage is something that can be prevented.

“If you know somebody’s in front of you and you don’t like how they are driving and they’re bothering you–move over, go around,” said Trooper Diaz.

Expedia also found that the worst behavior inside the car is a back seat driver.

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The study also found that drivers in New York City ranked as the nation’s rudest.