By Mike Schuh

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)–All over the country people who would normally travel to work in their car, instead hopped aboard their bike.

As Mike Schuh reports, a group founded to take care of motorists is now branching out–making the announcement on ‘Bike to Work Day’.

The city says more bikes are being seen on our roads and that the only way to deal with worsening traffic is to accommodate more bikes.

“In order to increase capacity on streets is to eliminate parking and in order to eliminate parking and or expand any capacity is to take more cars off the roadways, that’s the long term solution,” said William Johnson, City DOT Director.

The city’s Transportation Director says bike riders reduce the number of cars, but what if your bike breaks down?

AAA has the answer, and they announced it today.

“What we will do is come out and take you and your bike to the destination of your choice , so if you’re broken down with your bicycle, we will not fix the bike we’ll , if you’re broken down on the trail or side of the road, take you home or to the bike shop,” said Ragina Averella, AAA Mid-Atlantic.

So if your bike breaks, or has a flat in our area, four of their regular roadside assistance trucks have been equipped with bike racks.

“Obviously with the increasing popularity of cycling in Maryland it was a natural fit for us,” Averella says.

Also coming this summer, here on Maryland avenue, 2.5 miles of protected bike lanes.  The bikes will go here where the cars are, and the parked cars will move to where there is a lane of traffic now.

The new service now comes automatically with a AAA membership.

Here’s a breakdown on AAA’s bicycle coverage:

  • Member roadside assistance calls can be used for bicycles or automobiles. Members receive four service calls per year, per person with their membership (five for Premier level). A bicycle call will count as one of those service calls.
  • Bicycle roadside assistance service is included in all levels of AAA Mid-Atlantic membership – at no extra cost.  Roadside assistance does not include repair.
  • AAA Mid-Atlantic will transport a bicyclist, bicycle and any accompanying minors due to bicycle disablement (transportation not included for rider fatigue or physical inability to continue riding) and transport the cyclist to a safe location or home.  Cyclists must remain with their bicycles.  If AAA Mid-Atlantic cannot accommodate all passengers, the auto club will assist members in obtaining alternate transportation at their own expense.
  • Bicycle towing mileage mirrors vehicle towing mileage:
    • 3 miles for Basic AAA membership
    • 100 miles for Plus AAA membership*
    • 200 miles for Premier AAA membership

*Motorcycle coverage is provided with the AAA Plus / RV Rider Membership.

  • Service will be provided if cyclists can safely move their bicycle to a normally traveled road.
  • What type of bicycles?  Non-motorized bicycles.  Excluded are bicycle taxis or bicycles used for commercial transportation.
  • Just like with vehicle roadside assistance, cyclists should show a valid AAA membership card, either hard copy or on the AAA mobile app or Passbook app, as long as the cyclist has another form of identification.
  • Because the ownership of the bicycle cannot be verified, AAA Mid-Atlantic will not service bicycles secured with a lock for which the member has no key or combination.
  • What’s the phone number to call for help?   1-800-AAA-HELP

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