BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Setting aside one day to honor those who save lives every day—not just first responders but also Maryland citizens.

Alex DeMetrick reports there are even children who made a life or death difference.

Every year in Maryland, the first responders and medical teams that make up the state’s emergency medical services handle half a million cases. Once a year, rescues that took extra effort and skill are acknowledged.

From 911 dispatchers to the fire and medic crews in the field, those honored are presented Maryland EMS Awards.

“We are all lucky, extremely lucky, to have the dedicated teams of individuals like yourselves caring for us every day,” said Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford.

And not all are professionals—or even adults. Angeline and Hank Emmel helped save their grandfather’s life.

“He went to start the tractor and it jumped in gear and ran over him,” Hank said.

“And Hank saw it and came to get me and I called 911,” Angeline said.

Eleven-year-old Dawson Ternet helped his father perform CPR on the next door neighbor.

“He was the first one out the door to the neighbors. I started to do mouth treatment myself and I looked up and he was already in compression position, ready to go,” said Chuck Ternet.

“So my dad and me got down and started doing two person CPR and managed to get him responsive again,” Dawson said.

Knowing what to do in an emergency, even at a young age, is part of Maryland’s medical system.

“Children and youth who have learned to act when they see someone in need of help,” said MIEMSS Executive Director Dr. Kevin Seamn.

Dawson picked up CPR in the state’s junior firefighter program.

“That’s a skill you can always use. You can always know,” Dawson said.

“I was very proud of him,” Chuck said.

Maryland’s emergency medical system includes Shock Trauma and has been a model for other states’ emergency response and care systems.


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