By Rick Ritter

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Another violent weekend caps off what’s been one of the deadliest months in Baltimore history. In just 30 days, there’s been more than 100 shootings across the city. Despite the mayhem, the mayor says the city is improving.

Rick Ritter with more on the staggering numbers and reaction from the community.

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More than 40 people were murdered in the month of May alone — another 100-plus were injured. The uptick in crime has some scared to leave their homes, but the mayor says this high level is violence is slowing down.

Crime scene tape and evidence markers scattered — a violent theme Baltimore is all too familiar with.

“What else is going to happen? Who is going to be the next victim?” said Clara Johnson.

A surge in killings that’s resulted in devastating numbers.

“I’m scared. I’m just scared,” said Joann Gyant.

Forty-three people murdered in May — the most in a month since 1972.

Ritter: “When you hear 43 homicides, what goes through your mind?”

Gyant: “That I want to get away from here as soon as possible.”

The latest bloodshed came in front of a step along N. Collington Avenue in East Baltimore — a double shooting Sunday morning. Joann Gyant’s 35-year-old nephew — gone with the pull of a trigger.

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“I got a call today and all I could do was scream because it was unbelievable to me,” she said.

As of Monday morning, police say there’s been 116 homicides across the city — compared to 81 at this time last year.

“You can put police out here, bring in extra law, curfew, and things are still going on,” Gyant said.

Police admit — responding hasn’t been easy — met with confrontation in some areas.

But Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake remains confident, saying the city is making strides.

“I know with police being engaged and the community being engaged in new levels, I’m confident we’ll be able to tamp down violence we have seen,” the mayor said.

Hope is not lost, but many know actions speak louder than words for a city in desperate need of peace.

“Baltimore does not look good right now, and we need to step our game up because it can be a beautiful place,” said Gyant.

Police say a total of four people were shot on Sunday. No arrests have been made.

The number of nonfatal shootings is 219 this year — compared to 120 at this time last year.

One-hundred shootings in 30 days — an average of a little more than 3 shootings a day.

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August of 1972 and December of 1971 are the top two deadliest months for Baltimore City, with 45 and 44 homicides.

Rick Ritter