We had a lot of people calling the show Wednesday about the Orioles that are obviously (and rightly) concerned.

The question was asked: When is it not too early to start panicking? I’m am not panicking yet, but it’s fair to be concerned.

The good thing is that the Orioles are in the worst division in baseball. To put this in perspective, they are only 4 games out of first, so a good couple weeks could have them in first. The flip side is, they have the 22nd best winning percentage out of 30 teams right now; essentially, they are one of the worst teams in baseball.

Reasons to worry: your best pitcher Chris Tillman is 2-7. Bud Norris, who won 15 games last year, has stunk and is coming off the disabled list. Your best prospect, Kevin Gausman, is on the DL and has yet to start a game. Throw in the fact that J.J. Hardy is hurt and hitting under .200, Steve Pearce, the unsung hero last year, is under .200, and of the guys you counted on to play the corner outfield spots, Snider, De Aza and Lough, 2 are struggling and one is gone.

Things to feel optimistic about? Well, some of these guys have a good enough track record that it’s fair to think some of them will turn around and play better. Wieters is coming off the DL and should help. So should Schoop and maybe Gausman. Hopefully, Jones will play more like he did in April than May. Davis has hit for more power lately and Delmon Young is getting the bat going. Plus, Ubaldo is pitching like the guy you paid for, and Gonzales and Chen are doing fine.

Too early to throw in the towel on the O’s? Yes


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