BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The sudden jump from prosecutor to the center of media attention has brought Marilyn Mosby praise and criticism.

Alex DeMetrick reports sometimes the spotlight can burn.

Mosby was barely known as Baltimore’s state’s attorney when she stepped up to the microphones on May 1.

The Baltimore man whose death while in police custody sparked a riot led Mosby to criminally charge six city police officers.

From network television interviews and news stories to page after page on the Internet, she was suddenly everywhere.

“She’s in some ways a celebrity now, and we know with celebrities there’s paparazzi and people watching every move they make,” said Shana Harris.

Harris, with the marketing and communications firm of Warschawski, has worked with people who suddenly find themselves in the spotlight.

“Every action that they make, whether personal or professional, is going to be scrutinized by the public, especially the media,” Harris said.

The musician Prince has satirized that fame. At his Baltimore concert, Mosby joined him on stage–not long after she charged the officers–triggering criticism from some media outlets.

“That was probably not the best decision to make, looking back after seeing what happened,” Harris added.

And Mosby appeared again last month at the Universoul Circus. It drew cheers here and barbs from the Internet that this is not what a prosecutor should be doing.

But Mosby remains focused on that job.

“For me, it’s about applying justice fairly,” she said.

As news cycles move on to other stories and people, the spotlight fades. But it could swing back brighter once the indicted officers go on trial.

“Because this not over yet by any means,” Harris said.

The attention on Mosby is likely to surface again next month with an article in the July issues of the fashion magazine Vogue.


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