The experts hedge over the exact numbers of businesses that fail within the first five years, but the numbers are about 50 percent, which is enough to suggest there is a need for veteran business managers and executives to share their expertise through coaching. Frank Newhard is doing exactly that. He had a 25 year career in various management positions at Digital Equipment and Compaq Computer before moving into coaching. In 2009, he learned about the franchise opportunity with AdviCoach in business coaching and became the local Baltimore franchise owner.

(Photo Courtesy of Frank Newhard)

(Photo Courtesy of Frank Newhard)

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What inspired you to enter business coaching/consulting?

“I met with a person about franchise opportunities and business coaching was on them. I was listening, thinking, ‘Wow, I love helping people, I love coaching, and I love the field of business.’ Later that year, I signed on with AdviCoach and have since helped hundreds of Baltimore business owners.”

How does your educational background relate to your current role?

“I attended Lincoln Technical Institute and received my associates degree in 1970, and, while it does not directly relate now, it did help me get my foot in the door at Digital Equipment, where I began as a technician. I later moved up to a manager position. While at Digital and Compaq, I was fortunate to get a lot of in house training and cross training in various departments, which enabled me to grow and develop as a manager and a leader. I learned everything from sales and marketing to profit and loss statements. I use these learning experiences today and directly apply them as a coach.”

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How has your education helped to further your career and contributed to your success?

“Most of my learning has come from hands-on, real work experiences. As Compaq’s vice president and general manager for the Eastern region, I was responsible for managing 2,000 employees and an $800 million revenue budget, so I was forced to pay close attention to the numbers. I’ve been able to share this with my clients, who are often small business owners who struggle with this.”

What is some advice you can offer others looking to go into business coaching/consulting?

“First, make sure that coaching and teaching is something you are passionate about. Get some experience in management positions that allow you to look over a team and get an inside perspective on business operations. Continue to learn and surround yourself with like-minded people. Review coaching options; find one that excites you. If you love what you do, you will never have to work a day in your life!”

Susan Brown originally spent many years in banking/finance before confronting her addictions. She has now been in recovery for 20 years.
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