SILVER SPRING, Md.  (WJZ) — Cleaning up in parts of Montgomery County, Maryland.

Tracey Leong with the damage powerful storms caused.

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It looks like a disaster zone at Eastbourne near Downs Drive in Silver Spring. Neighbors say the worst part of the storm was around 5 a.m. Friday, where heavy rains and winds thrashed the entire area.

Overnight storms ravaged a Silver Spring neighborhood.

“I was very surprised. I was shocked when I came around and looked at the back,” said Tom Bova, whose home was damaged.

Bova’s roof was left with a gaping hole after a massive tree in his yard was overthrown.

“After a storm like that it is,” said Keith Dill, Supreme Roofing Company. “I’ve seen a lot of trees drop on houses before and it’s never pretty.”

Dill estimates dozens of homes will need complete repairs.

“It looks to me like a tornado or something went through here,” he said. “Just a straight line and took all the trees down.”

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The powerful storm endangered everyone in its path.

“I grew up in this house and we never experienced anything like this,” said one man.

Crews are now cleaning up what Mother Nature ripped apart.

“A whole crew had the day off, and then we got called in this morning because of the extreme damage that was caused in the neighborhood,” said Chris Bell, Kuhn’s Tree Service.

While homeowners are focusing on the cleanup efforts, they’re also concerned about the next dangerous storm that could roll through.

“Want to get it all covered before more storms come. I think there’s still some in the forecast,” said one man.

Contractors and neighbors are keeping their eyes on the sky, bracing for more torrential rains and violent winds.

Leong: “How does a homeowner prepare for this?”

Bell: “Always trim trees. Keep them trimmed so when strong winds do come, you have a less chance of branches and trees falling into the house.”

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Despite the enormous storm that tore through the area, no injuries were reported.