LINTHICUM, Md. (WJZ)–Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, in Maryland last night for a party fundraiser, talks about Baltimore and how he would address problems in cities across the nation.

Political Reporter Pat Warren has details on his opinion.

Donald Trump, at the Maryland Republican Party fundraiser in Linthicum Tuesday night was asked a series of questions about the state of the world.

“China is killing us, Mexico is killing us, Japan is killing us,” he says.

And about recent unrest in the city.

“Baltimore is a very very special case and it’s a very sad thing that’s happened,” he says.

Trump, running second behind Jeb Bush in a New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary Poll, says he has many friends in Maryland and the city.

“And I love Baltimore and I love what it represents and where it’s gone and now you look at what happened in one night, one night–I mean other nights were a disaster but one night was catastrophic for Baltimore,” Trump says. “You have to create spirit, you have to create jobs, you have to get people working, they have to want to work.”

Trump blames much of the city’s problems on economics, but not all.

“Baltimore needs jobs, and it needs spirit, it’s got no spirit. None,” Trump says.

And if you think that sounds  bad.

“The country is a bubble, this is a bubble waiting to explode. You watch. Not Baltimore, it’s many many inner cities,” Trump says.

And we can fix that, with factories.

Trump says, “We have to build plants in our country.”

And for those who think Trump isn’t serious about running for president, he said last night that he’s already filed his candidacy.

money raised at last night’s event will support candidates in state and local races.


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