BALTIMORE (WJZ) — They own a legendary Annapolis restaurant, and they’re founders of what’s become a major charity that helps our wounded warriors. Their big fundraiser is Saturday.

Ron Matz reports on how a conversation led to “Faces of Valor U.S.A.”

The Faces of Valor U.S.A. car will lead Saturday’s benefit motorcycle ride and classic car show.

“We have a classic car show, a motorcycle ride and family picnic. It’s rain or shine. I know they’re expecting rain, but we’re going to be there. The solider who is being honored will be there. I know if it’s raining, they may not want to bring out their cars or bikes, but you can still come and be involved in the picnic,” Beth Levitt said.

The owners of Chick and Ruth’s Delly in Annapolis, Ted and Beth Levitt, started the foundation when a customer told them their son had died in Iraq.

“We had a family who came to the restaurant every year and brought guests with them. Thirteen years later, they didn’t bring any guests and said they wanted to speak with me. They told me their son was killed in Iraq. I had only met him one time. I thought we had to do more than just talk,” said Ted Levitt.

So the Levitts founded Faces of Valor U.S.A., a charity designed to help wounded warriors.

“So my wife and I set up Faces of Valor U.S.A. Every year, we have a big event. We honor one or more soldiers, police, fire and EMS. Anybody that needs assistance, we help them out. We raised $107,000 last year,” Ted Levitt said.

And this year, they honor Lance Corporal Sean Adams, who lost both legs in Iraq.

“It’s our seventh year. Every year, it’s gotten bigger. We’re honoring Lance Corporal Sean Adams. He lost both his legs in Iraq. He lost his thumb and it messed up one of his arms. He’s a great young man,” Ted Levitt said.

These are the faces of valor. A 1931 Buick honors the men and women who protect and serve our country.

“We’re still in contact with the guys we’ve honored in the past. Lewis Valentine lives three miles from [Glen Burnie]. We see him all the time and talk to him. We’ve watched his girls grow up,” Ted Levitt said.

From the heart of Annapolis, honoring sacrifice to our country.

“This is just an amazing event. You can’t imagine how wonderful it is unless you’re there and see the faces of all these men and women. There will be lots of people from Walter Reed there,” Beth Levitt said.

Besides the motorcycle ride, Saturday’s events include a classic car show, a 5K run and walk and a family picnic.

“We put a lot of time and effort into this. We’re so happy for the support that we get from the community. People come from all over Washington, Pennsylvania and Virginia. It’s really nice,” Beth Levitt said.

“I think we’re the only foundation around that doesn’t pay anybody. So basically, 100 percent of our money goes right to our foundation,” she continued.

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