Wally Williams is a former NFL offensive lineman who played for the Browns, Saints, and Ravens.

Wally joined Ed and Ken to talk about the Ravens off-season and other NFL topics.

Wally started off by talking about Tom Brady’s appeal saying “is that a bunch of mess or what?…we’re talking about deflated footballs and whether the punishment fits the crime, something of this magnitude should be about a $25,000 fine.” As for the national media talking up the Ravens as the best roster in the NFL Wally said “I don’t like it, I don’t like the indication of the Ravens having the best roster…this means they have to win they have to go to the playoffs and put on a nice run.” As for Terrell Suggs coming into camp overweight and if the Ravens should be concerned Wally said “Terrell Suggs has earned the benefit of the doubt…I’m not necessarily worried about his production, I’m more interested to see how the young guys come in to the roster.”