BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore Orioles trainers and nutritionists are teaming up to teach kids how to stay healthy. It’s all in an effort to curb childhood obesity and get kids outside.

Jessica Kartalija has more.

At Camden Yards, the Orioles play host to a new team. Dozen s of children were invited to take part in the Play Campaign.

“Play is an acronym for Promoting a Lifetime of Activities for Youth and it’s put on by PBATS, an athletic trainers society, and the Orioles,” said Richie Bancells.

Bancells is the Orioles’ head athletic trainer.

“Child obesity is a big problem in this country today and we are trying to get the message out that kids should get out there during the summertime when the weather is great and get active and do some things,” Bancells said.

Kids learn about eating healthy.

“Our goal today is to teach them how to have healthy habits and nutrition for the rest of their life. They can take through high school ages until they are young adults,” said nutritionist Sue James.

Part of living a healthy lifestyle means exercising to build strength and staying off of drugs.

“Unfortunately, in the world of baseball and the world of sports, they are seeing role models who have resorted to performance-enhancing drugs to reach their goals. We are trying to make sure they don’t follow that path,” said Brian Parker, Taylor Hooton Foundation.

The Play Campaign is hosting these events in all 30 Major League Baseball ballparks.

“If the parents are doing the right things and feeding them the right way, if they are getting out and enjoying the fresh air, it’s not that hard, not that expensive and doesn’t require a whole bunch of equipment,” Bancells said.

Manny Machado also stopped by to meet the kids and support the Play Campaign.

Play has already hosted more than 150 of these events, reaching tens of thousands of kids. It teaches them how to make healthy decisions and live more active lives.


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