Scott McGregor is a former Orioles player who is now involved with helping injured O’s rehab in Sartasota, FL.

Scott joined Ed and Steve to talk about the performance of the Orioles pitching staff recently.

Scott started off by talking about the struggles of Bud Norris saying “sometimes it’s a mental thing, a lot of times it’s confidence involved…with Bud when I watch him and he gets frustrated he tries to over throw everything.” As for adjusting to a big strike zone from an umpire and how long it takes to figure out Scott said “you pretty much now you get the same guys year in and year out, you start the game off and they show you where they’re at…I think they start out pretty much consistent but during a game it can change a bit.” Scott also talked about Kevin Gausman and being sent up and down and how that effects a player saying “I’ve seen it effect people especially in the case of Hayden Penn he came up and pitched well then was sent down and never responded to it…it’s a big thing, and that’s the hard part is the mental effect of it.” Scott also talked about Dylan Bundy and his shoulder problems and how this may effect his mentality going forward without any roster options.


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