BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Authorities nationwide boost security ahead of the July 4 holiday. Homeland Security and the FBI are warning of ongoing threats from ISIS and lone wolves.

Tracey Leong tells us Maryland is taking its own precautions.

Many people are looking forward to relaxing and celebrating this holiday weekend, but law enforcement is asking the public to be on the lookout for anything that seems suspicious.

Americans will be celebrating their country’s birthday with an extra layer of security this year.

“It’s sort of the perfect storm of this call to arms,” said Stephen Woolery, FBI counterterrorism.

The FBI and Homeland Security are warning law enforcement agencies across the nation to be prepared.

Officials say ISIS may be recruiting through social media for a July 4 attack.

Maryland State Police are not taking the threat lightly.

“The Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center has been working around the clock following up on all leads to see if anything has been substantiated,” said Sgt. Marc Black, Maryland State Police.

Experts believe terrorists could be targeting areas with large groups of people, which is why security will be beefed up at the Inner Harbor, where thousands are expected to celebrate.

A DHS official says there is no specific credible intelligence about an attack, but points out ISIS has called for attacks against members of the military, law enforcement, the U.S. government and American public.

Police are warning everyone to be on high alert.

“If you see someone maybe looking at a building… Instead of enjoying the festivities, they’re looking at cameras, they’re looking at entrances to the building, they seem like maybe they’re disconnected… Anything the public feels is slightly out of the ordinary, we’re asking to give a call to the tip line,” said Sgt. Black.

Again, police are telling people–if you see something, say something. Contact authorities immediately if you suspect any danger.

To report any suspicious activity this weekend, call 1-800-492-8477.