BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Team USA strikes back and wins the women’s World Cup championship. The women were on fire and had fans sitting on the edge of their seats.

Amy Yensi with local fan reaction.

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The fans are still celebrating the U.S. team’s win. They’re excited about the outcome, but they say they’re not surprised.

Baltimore soccer fans in a frenzy as the USA Women’s Soccer Team scores five goals, defeating Japan to win the World Cup.

“To have Abby Wombach back for one last international tournament, to win this, something that has alluded her for so long. It’s just amazing,” said Colleen Jones.

“This is so moving to see our country finally get behind women’s sports,” another fan said.

The crowd at Slainte Irish Pub in Fells Point–cheering on their favorite players as they make history.

“There’s no better atmosphere in Baltimore if you’re a soccer fan. So being here amongst other soccer fans, it doesn’t get any better than this,” said Sean Deere.

“This is something the the women have been waiting for for a long time,” said another fan.

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Local fans say the win against Japan in Vancouver Sunday night was a long time coming.

“So it was four years ago and they lost against Japan. It was a good win. We needed this,” said Robert Hoffman.

Bragging rights aside, soccer fans say Hope Solo, Alex Morgan and the other teammates send a powerful message to girls across the country.

“When I turn around and watch this, I feel a great amount of pride,” said one fan.

“The amount of people that are in this bar to watch a ‘woman’s sport’ is incredible,” another fan said.

The USA victory just a day after Independence Day makes this American victory that much sweeter.

Some people Sunday night saying they normally don’t even follow soccer, but are now fans of the sport all because of Team USA.

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The final score: USA-5 and Japan-2