BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A record number of travelers are expected to return home from their holiday weekend.

Tracey Leong explains why more people are thinking this Fourth of July weekend was a good time to travel.

With a combination of lower gas prices and a stronger economy, AAA Mid-Atlantic predicts more people were vacationing this Fourth of July weekend.

It’s estimated that millions of travelers celebrated America’s birthday with a weekend getaway.

“Something to do. It’s something fun to do,” said driver Jabari Holland. “New York is very fun.”

“‘Cause it’s summertime and it’s so pretty and both of us love the ocean,” said driver Ann Somerville.

Here in Maryland, AAA Mid-Atlantic expects record numbers.

“We are estimating over 870,000 will get away. This is a 2.3 percent increase,” said Christine Delise, AAA Mid-Atlantic.

“I believe everybody is a little more encouraged about things lately like traveling and getting away, getting out of town,” said William Somerville.

Travel experts predict 754,000 will go by car, 65,000 by air and 52,000 by bus or train. More are choosing to drive because of dropping gas prices.

“Gas is cheap, and you want to go out some more and travel. So gas price is everything,” Holland said.

“Gas prices are at their lowest level in five years for the July 4th holiday. Maryland’s average is around $2.75 a gallon, which is even lower than the national average,” Delise said.

And for those driving, police have a message.

“If you are out celebrating, we want you to have a good time. We encourage you to have a great time. You deserve it. But don’t drink and drive. Those two should never mix,” said Sgt. Marc Black, Maryland State Police.

Tolls are also a factor in this Maryland travel projection. July 1 marked the first toll reduction statewide in 50 years.


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