By David Heim 

Most kids learn to ride a bike at a young age. Professional BMX rider Nigel Sylvester was no different. 

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“I got into BMX like most other kids,” Sylvester said. “It was just something to do in the neighborhood. It was one of those things where you can escape whatever’s going on around you or use it to your advantage and hang out with your friends, go ride to the park. It was just something to do.”

Today, Sylvester is riding professionally for Team G-Shock. He admits it’s more than just fun and games now. 

“Riding is so demanding on the body,” Sylvester said. “I really enjoy just to relax sometimes, keep it easy you know.” 

So what is Sylvester doing when he is keeping it easy

“Go shopping, come get a good lunch, go get a haircut if I need a cleanup a little bit,” Sylvester said. “It’s just relaxed.”

Most people wonder what the hardest trick is for a professional bike rider. Sylvester’s answer is simple. 

“Every time you learn a new trick it’s hard,” he said. “Every time you do something that’s death-defying or that scares you, it’s always hard. You have to overcome that.” 

Sylvester gets paid for these “death-defying” tricks. But what is he cashing in on?

“I like to spend my money on experiences honestly,” Sylvester said. “I’ll give you three places I’ve traveled to that blew my mind– Dubai, Japan and I love Paris. But nothing beats New York.” 

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When asked about what he would want to be other than a biker, Sylvester gave a rather peculiar answer.

“Probably astronaut,” Sylvester said. 

Why Nigel?

“A good view.”


Don’t worry though, Sylvester is still motivated to keep riding. 

“I just want to continue to live out my imagination,” Sylvester said. “There’s no set goal. I just want to keep riding my bicycle. I just want to keep inspiring.”

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David Heim is a fan of the New England Patriots and New York Yankees. He’s also a contributor to CBS Local Sports and can be reached at or on Twitter @davidheim12. 

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