Craig Heist of 106.7 The Fan joined the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn to talk about this weekends series between the Orioles and the Nationals.

Craig was asked what is the key to Bryce Harper’s breakout season. “Health! He’s been healthy pretty much all year long. He missed a few games here and there with little nagging things, but nothing that has put him in the DL for any extended period of time.”

The Nationals aren’t the only ones with a young superstar in the making. Craig commented on Manny Machado’s season so far, “Offensively, he’s been as good as anyone, he’s been the best I’ve seen him. The one thing that that impresses me, he’s as good as any third basemen as there is in baseball, and that right arm is a rifle.”

The Orioles, according to Craig, are in need a pivotal missing link to remain successful “I think this team in some form or fashion is still going to need Bud Norris to bounce back in the second half.”

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