BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City police announce another series of arrests for murders and shootings in the city.

Christie Ileto with more.

The arrests come while Baltimore is in the middle of a surging crime wave and just days after the department formed its “War Room.”

Five non-fatal shootings and four homicides–closed.

“That’s the type of progress that this violent crime crisis needs,” said Baltimore City Interim Commissioner Kevin Davis.

The cases date back as far back as September of 2014, while others happened as recently as last Friday–one of which Baltimore police say is gang-related.

“We know [gangs] are playing a significant role. We know there are territorial disputes. There’s disputes about narcotic distribution. They are playing a significant role,” Chief Davis said.

The announcement comes as the police department’s “War Room” has been in its third day of operation following a steady climb of homicides following the April unrest.

“Unfortunately, before we were able to locate Mr. Singleton, he was shot and killed himself. So he was someone we were very interested in talking to,” said Major Stanley Brandford, homicide unit commander.

Police believed that 16-year-old may have had information that could have helped solve another violent crime.

Police say in the last 48 hours, they have recovered at least 30 guns off Baltimore City streets.


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