BALTIMORE (WJZ)—Children at summer camp get an important lesson in staying safe. BGE is teaming up with the YMCA of Central Maryland to teach them about natural gas and electricity.

Jessica Kartalija explains.

A stove can be gas or electric.

At the YMCA in Towson, more than 2,000 children are participating in Captain Mercaptain Action Day.

Mercaptain is the safety additive that BGE puts in gas to make it easier to smell.

“We partnered with Marvel on a comic book starring Ironman and Captain Mercaptain together saving the day,” said Aaron Koos, BGE.

Also, this fall in central Maryland, all public and private school children will get a copy of the comic book.

What does natural gas smell like?

“Gas smells like rotten eggs and if you ever smell gas in your house, you should run out and if you breathe gas too much, it can give you brain and lung damage,” said Halle.

“Our role is to let them know what to do if they smell gas, how to recognize it and how to report it,” Koos said.

Officials say elementary school students came up the idea for Captain Mercaptain.

To learn more about Captain Mercaptain CLICK HERE.


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