Ron Sirak is the Senior writer for Golf Digest, and a published author.

Ron joined Ed and Steve to talk about The Open Championship in Scotland at St. Andrews.

Steve asked Ron about the terrible weather conditions this morning on the course. Ron said “I’ve never seen the open delayed by rain, I’ve seen delays caused by wind but never rain.” Ron doesn’t believe that either Jordan Spieth or Dustin Johnson will finish their round today because of the later tee times.

Ed asked Ron about the differences of playing on a links course compared to playing on American courses. Ron said of links courses that “its way more of a ground game over there, you have to be imaginative and you have to know how to play the ball on the ground.”

Ed asked Ron about what chance Jordan Spieth has at winning the Open Championship. “I love the number he put up yesterday, he is well positioned and he’s enormously disciplined.

Steve asked Ron about what is wrong with Tiger Woods. Ron said “there’s a disconnect in his words, what he’s saying is not what I’m seeing. If anything he’s going backwards”. Ron believes that Tiger’s demise is as compelling as his rise.


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