BALTIMORE (WJZ) — They’re the worst cities for drivers. We’re talking about DC and Baltimore—both topping the top 10 list.

Tracey Leong explains why.

WalletHub looked at 100 cities across the country, taking things like costs of owning a car to commuting into consideration.

The average American spends 240 hours a year behind the wheel.

“Drive every day. I do drive a lot,” said Charis Hagan.

“I absolutely have to drive. I have it down to 41 minutes in the morning, 56 in the evening,” said Randy Beckford. “It is what it is.”

And if you’re a commuter in DC or Baltimore, they may not be the most enjoyable hours.

“I definitely see people being very aggressive and rude and impatient,” Hagan said.

“I think DC 495 rush hour is tough. I commute every day to Columbia,” Beckford said.

The nation’s capital is the second worst and Charm City is the ninth worst for drivers.

“Baltimore and Washington DC routinely rank among that category for the worst for motorists,” said Ragina Averella, AAA Mid-Atlantic.

The study weighs factors like traffic and road conditions to safety and costs like gas and insurance.

Baltimore and DC have the highest accident likelihood and some of the most expensive insurance rates. With traffic increasing during the summer months, it’s the other drivers you may need to watch out for.

“Even if you are an expert in driving, you have to look around you,” said one driver.

“Do have to look out for other drivers to make sure not only am I being safe but I have to look out for the drivers that aren’t being safe,” Hagan said.

While there are many road projects that are working to alleviate heavy traffic, they’re also currently contributing to it.

“While we are doing many transportation projects along I-95, it is actually increasing congestion in the short term,” Averella said.

New York topped the list as the worst in the country for drivers and Lubbock, Texas, ranked as the best city.

Gas prices are also a factor. The national average is $2.76. Baltimore is just under and DC soars above.


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