With Kevin Gausman scheduled to be called up to start Wednesday’s game in New York and Buck saying that the team will NOT return to a short 6 man bullpen, it seems inevitable the Orioles are about to part with a position player.

So who goes?

The O’s have already jettisoned Delmon Young.

The list of candidates is long if you simply look at players that aren’t really “stepping to the plate.” Steve Pearce, Nolan Reimold, David Lough, Travis Snider and Chris Parmalee. The Orioles don’t really lose much if they get rid of any of them. Pearce isn’t close to being the player he was last year, but my sense is, since he is coming off the best year of any of them, they will hang on to him a little longer in hopes he can pick it up.

Snider was a big acquisition and has been starting most of the games in left.

Lough is a good defender off the bench.

Parmalee is an excellent fielder, but since his big debut when he started with 4 straight hits, he is hitting just .200.

Reimold hasn’t played much since coming up.

The Orioles are facing more righthanded than lefthanded pitching, so, just playing the percentages, I would assume they are more likely to get rid of a righthanded hitter than a lefty. My guess —and this really is just a guess— is that Reimold will be the odd man out. Now, I wouldn’t be heartbroken if it was Parmalee, and then just move Davis back to firstbase.

In reality, I think two of these players need to be let go. One on Wednesday, and then I would like to see an upgrade in the outfield, which would force them to get rid of another player.


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