BALTIMORE (WJZ)–He’s a doctor and a rockstar, literally. A surgeon at Union Memorial is all the rage in the rock world tonight, after a stellar performance with the Foo Fighters.

Jessica Kartalija explains, the band’s lead singer gave his doctor the “thank you” of a lifetime.

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl took quite a spill, during a June performance in Sweden.

The incident caused the band to postpone their tour so Grohl could undergo surgery in the U.K. on a fractured fibula.

The surgeon was able to operate on Grohl and make sure he was able to perform before a sold out crowd just two weeks later.

Back in the U.S., Dr. Lew Schon, took over.

“When he came into town, he flew into D.C., we connected, I needed to make sure he was okay,” said Dr Lew Schon, Union Memorial Orthopedics.

Turns out, Dr. Schon does some rocking of his own.

“I told him we have an orthopedic rock band “The Stimulators.” We play some hospital 4th of July parties, a graduation. We played a couple weddings, a  bar mitzvah,” he said.

Fast forward a few weeks to Fenway Park.

“When I was in Boston at Fenway Park, he said ‘Hey, why don’t you play with us?’  I’m like, I don’t think you want me to play with you.”

Turns out, he did.

Dr. Schon belted out a cover of the White Stripes; Seven Nation Army–a Baltimore favorite–before a sold out crowd

“I was in the moment, performing like any performer does.  Loving it, being it, interacting with the audience trying to get to know everyone out there,” Schon said.

Since his stadium stage debut, Dr. Schon is making headlines across the country.

As Grohl’s doctor and a rockstar.

The doc says, “Every day can be and should be a dream come true.”

Concert goers say it’s one of the best concerts they’ve ever seen.

The performance drew quite a reaction from the crowd at Fenway who shouted “Leeew” as the doctor cheered and pumped his arms in the air!


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