ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — For some Marylanders, crossing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge is routine. It can be a nuisance, too, for those headed to the beach for the weekend when heavy traffic delays their arrival.

But for some, it’s scary.

Inside Edition recently did a story asking if the Chesapeake Bay is the scariest bridge in America?

The bridge, which connects the Eastern Shore of Maryland to the rest of the state, is 4.3 miles long and in some areas 200 feet high.

That’s cause for concern for some drivers whose fear of driving over the bridge is so bad, they hire someone else to do it.

Bay Bridge Drive Overs provided by Kent Island Express that will provide a driver to take someone over the bridge in their own car for $25.

Alex Robinson, the owner, told Inside Edition that business is booming.

WJZ’s Jessica Kartalija reported on how gephyrophobia is common in Maryland due to the Bay Bridge back in 2013.

Read: Gephyrophobia Is Common In Maryland Thanks To The Bay Bridge

“I have this dream about a bridge that goes up and never comes down,” one driver said to WJZ back in 2013. “My fear is when I start to feel dizzy that I will pass out. My legs were shaking. Everything about it makes me nervous.”

So what do you think — is the Bay Bridge the scariest bridge in America?

Read more of the story here.




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