By Rick Ritter

OCEAN CITY, Md. (WJZ)—Another amazing encounter along the Eastern Shore after beachgoers capture photos of a humpback whale surfacing from the water.

WJZ’s Rick Ritter has more on the sighting in Ocean City.

On Friday, the encounter quickly became the talk of social media, buzzing with what beachgoers saw leaving many doing a double take.

“I quickly got my camera, turned to my wife and said I think I just saw a whale breach,” said Thomas Busch.

It’s Thomas Busch who’s behind this amazing photo. He got up close with the estimated 30-40 foot mammal Friday afternoon.

Thomas says he was pretty excited and didn’t expect to see one in Ocean City.

Experts say as exciting as it is to see a humpback whale right off the coast, it’s really not that unusual.

“Our waters are used at thoroughfare, so they follow their food source,” says Amber White with the National Aquarium.

Amber admits it’s been a busy summer. One that’s already been highlighted by sharks, specifically Hammerheads and even manatees.

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Ocean City Beach Patrol confirmed they received several reports of the whale throughout the week.

Experts say they usually don’t linger around very long. If you come across the whale, the best thing you can do is try to keep your distance.

Rick Ritter


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