BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Oftentimes when sports stars move on to new teams, you no longer see them in the community.

As Mike Schuh reports, that’s not the case with ex-Raven Torrey Smith.

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Torrey Smith no longer works in Baltimore—against his wishes. The Ravens didn’t resign him and now he’s a San Francisco 49er. So what brought Smith and his toddler son TJ to Gardenville Elementary?

“The thing about Baltimore is that I know about Baltimore and I know how we can help out,” he said.

On this day, helping out means school supplies—lots of them. Backpacks filled with all of the items on the list and seven and eight-year-olds need. One of them is seven-year-old Sirsolon Royster, who says he can’t wait to get back to school.

“I want to learn some stuff,” he said.

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So while Torrey Smith plays with the kids, the CEO of Parks & People—the group which runs this educational camp—couldn’t be happier.

“He gave a real rally cry about why school is important and also why everyone here really cares about their success. You can’t ask for more encouragement than that,” said Parks & People CEO Lisa Millspaugh Schroeder.

Smith will live here in the off-season, so he’s not turning his back on the place he calls home.

“I appreciate it because that relationship with the people of Baltimore is very important to me—and it still is. Just because I changed—I mean, people aren’t going to be cheering for me when we play the Ravens, but a lot of people are going to be supporting me and I really appreciate that,” he said.

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Smith’s season with the 49ers begins in earnest Tuesday, when he heads west to prepare for training camp.