There are only a few people that I can talk the “Fight Game” with. I’m such a fan boy of Boxing and MMA that my passion and love for combat sports oftentimes clouds my judgement to trust many people’s opinions. I find myself only valuing people that work in the industry and cover the fights for a living. I’ve known Fox Sports 1 Producer Dustin Green for a long time. We have similar career paths. Dustin started in the Baltimore TV Market and eventually ventured into the Washington D.C. market. He did those moves before I did, and I actually was inspired by him in some of my similar career choices. Now Dustin is on the West Coast producing for Fox Sports 1 and covering the UFC along with many other sports. Dustin also trains MMA to stay in shape and to stay ready in case somebody runs up on him! In this podcast we talked west coast living, Dillashaw vs Barao, the rise of Conor McGregor, the dominance of Ronda Rousey and the fall of Jon Jones. You won’t want to miss the advice Dustin Green gives me to avoid getting beat up as well.



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