Ron Sirak is the Senior Writer for Golf Digest and a published author of many books on golf.

Ron joined Ed and Steve to talk about the upcoming PGA Championship and if Tiger Woods will ever rebound from a recent run of poor performances.

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Steve asked Ron about Tiger Woods’ bad finish over the weekend at the Quicken Loans National. What has surprised Ron the most about Tiger’s recent play is that he is no longer the great finisher he once was, saying “this is a guy who owned the weekend, he was the greatest front runner of all time.”

Ed asked Ron whether or not he thought Tiger could become a consistent winner again. Ron doesn’t think this will happen unless Tiger makes significant changes to his game, “he could do that but he has to reinvent himself, and I don’t see a willingness to make changes.”

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Ron also discussed the diminished field at the Quicken Loans National, Rickie Fowler’s place among the best golfers in the game today, and whether or not Tiger has lost his luster among his peers in the PGA.