By Pat Warren

NEW YORK (WJZ) — A new poll shows Ben Carson tied for third place in the Republican presidential primary race. The retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon faced a national audience Tuesday on CBS This Morning.

Political Reporter Pat Warren says Carson answered some pointed questions.

One of those questions is why Ben Carson, with his zero political experience, thinks he’s qualified to be president.

Ben Carson is gaining ground after a strong performance in Thursday’s debate.

“I’m the only one that separates Siamese twins, the only one to operate on babies while they’re still in their mother’s womb, the only one to take out half a brain, although you would think if you go to Washington that someone had beat me to it,” he joked at the debate.

A new poll shows Carson tied in third place for the Republic nomination for president, along with Senator Marco Rubio and former governor Mike Huckabee.

He told CBS This Morning that not having held public officer is not a problem.

“I don’t think that’s a particular problem. The political class has weaved an imaginary tale that they’re the only ones who can solve our problems,” Carson said.

Reporter: “What’s going to make that change now?”

Carson: “I think it’s definitely worthy of trying. To simply throw one’s hands up, and say, ‘Forget about it,’ is not the solution.”

When asked about his position on abortion, Carson stated flatly he’s against it.

Reporter: “You are opposed to all abortions even in the case of life of mother.”

Carson: “I think when it comes to the case of the life of the mother, you have to look at the individual situation. Recognize that that’s largely a spurious argument because we’ve advanced so much in medicine these days that that situation rarely occurs.”

And perhaps contrary to expectations, there’s a surge of support for Carson on social media.

The Washington Post reports Carson had the first and second highest number of “Likes” on Facebook Thursday night.

Donald Trump and Jeb Bush continue to poll first and second, respectively, in the GOP presidential primary race.

Click here to watch the interview.Click here to watch the interview.


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