BALTIMORE  (WJZ)–It’s considered a fun harmless past time for many, but others say it’s dangerous, causing traffic problems and even the death of the mother this year.

Dirt bike riding has been a hot topic lately from both the city and riders. Tonight the family of the women killed by one of the riders while on a bike speaks out.

WJZ’s Marcus Washington has more.

Famous for weaving in and out of traffic, stunts and tricks, dirt bike riders have been part of Baltimore for decades.

But this illegal act is creating a lot of debate following last Sunday tensions between  city police officers and people attending a weekly dirt bike gathering on Reisterstown Road.

“They pose a very immediate and extreme danger to the community as they ordinarily do not fall within the standards of standard traffic rules and regulations,” police said.

Many people are calling for a refuge for the dirt bike riders, including the plea from an unlikely family.

In May Allison Blanding was killed by a dirt bike rider and now the family of Allsion is asking the city for a safe place for dirt bikers to ride.


“Success would be justice for my sister. Success would be a place where we can safely ride, that would be success; sponsored by the city,” said Lorren Hayman, god sister of Allison.

Asking anyone with information on who killed this mother of a 6-year-old girl to come forward, but in the same sentence, asking for place dirt bike riders can safely have fun.

“And I’m pretty sure people will pay, they will pay. If it’s about money, young men will pay, they have the money,” Hayman said.

As the debate continues–while illegal–riders say they will gather again this Sunday, on Reisterstown Road.

When it comes to Sunday’s planned dirt bike event, police say they also plan to attend, saying commanders will be working and evaluate the situation taking action if needed.


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