BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh is getting a lot of attention for some remarks he made—not about football, but about immigration.

Derek Valcourt has more on what the coach had to say.

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We’re used to hearing him talk tackles and touchdowns but WJZ was there was a recent press conference took a surprising turn and Harbaugh tackled politics.

“Let’s try to fix things around here in this country. That’s what made us great,” he said.

The head of Ravens Nation took on the nation’s politicians, blasting them at a weekend press conference. Coach John Harbaugh started talking about getting NFL referees more practice time but made a quick pivot into politics.

“Maybe they ought to start talking to one another; that’s what I would suggest. Maybe like our government, too—maybe talk to one another, solve a problem once in a while instead of creating a problem,” Harbaugh said. “Be more concerned about your country than your party. How about we do that?”

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Next, Harbaugh referenced Donald Trump, who’s made building a wall at the Mexican border a cornerstone of his presidential candidacy.

“I’m going Trump here. Build the wall; it’s not that hard. You don’t have a border, you don’t have a country. You’re not a country without a border, right? At the same time, you have 12 to 15 million hard-working people here—give ’em a shot! Give ’em a chance to become a citizen, so they’re paying taxes. All of us know that it’s not that complicated, but this side doesn’t want to solve it and neither does that side. Neither one of them wants to solve the problem,” he said.

Harbaugh’s remarks are earning him both praise and criticism.

Bret Wescott wrote on our Facebook page, “The man has a point. Teamwork is missing in politics.” Meanwhile, Kenny Ferguson suggested Harbaugh stick to football.

For his part, Harbaugh wrapped up his remarks with a joke about running for president.

“I might be coming out,” he said. “I might be running.”

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Harbaugh’s stated positions to give immigrants a pathway to citizenship does differ from Trump, who favors deporting illegal immigrants already here.