BALTIMORE (WJZ) — For the first time this year, a person in the Baltimore area has West Nile virus. Now health officials have issued a warning about mosquito-borne illnesses.

Meghan McCorkell explains how they’re fighting those risks.

Health officials aren’t saying much about the person who contracted West Nile virus, just that it’s an adult living in the Baltimore region.

As more people are getting outside in these last weeks of summer, more mosquitoes are also out.

“They always bite you. They get red and all kinds of stuff. It’s very nasty,” said Michelle Corn.

Now a person in the Baltimore area has contracted West Nile virus, which is spread by mosquitoes.

“That’s kind of scary. It just makes you wonder what can you do to try to prevent it?” said Audrey Galloway.

Tuesday night, Mosquito Control was out spraying for the bugs to try and stop future infections. They say this season has already been a brutal one.

“Our collections traps are always packed. Our day crew are finding huge amounts of larval mosquitoes and our spray trucks are spraying and spraying and spraying,” said Tony Dewitt, agricultural inspector.

Health officials say mosquito pools have tested positive for West Nile virus both in Anne Arundel County and in Prince George’s County.

Now the health department has released a warning to all Maryland residents to take precautions against the virus by using insect repellent and clearing standing water where mosquitoes breed.

“Anyone who lives in an area where mosquitoes are present can get infected with West Nile,” said Dr. Kimberly Mitchell, Maryland Health Department.

While the virus can be deadly in a small population, most won’t experience symptoms at all.

Many are not taking any chances.

“Spray them with OFF! spray. That’s what we was brought up on,” said Corn.

One step that could prevent you from getting sick.

Last season, six people in Maryland contracted West Nile virus. All of them recovered.

A second person also tested positive for West Nile in Maryland, but officials say they contracted the virus out of state.

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