By Alex DeMetrick

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The charge is fourth degree sex assault; the defendant is the man in charge of Ravens security and Tuesday is day two of Darren Sanders’ trial.

Alex DeMetrick has the details of the cross-examination of the woman accusing Sanders.

It is Darren Sanders’ job to shadow Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh on game days, as well as tend to security of players and the team’s owner—but a woman supervising a cleanup crew after a Ravens game last December says Sanders fondled and kissed her while she was guiding him to a stadium elevator.

She told a jury Monday of the alleged assault, of Sanders’ aggression and drunken-like behavior.

“Mr. Sanders continues to maintain his innocence. He did absolutely nothing wrong and we’ll continue to demonstrate that,” said his lawyer, Warren Alperstein.

To do that, Sanders’ lawyers worked to discredit the woman’s testimony during cross-examination, alluding to the possibility she made advances to Sanders—which she vehemently denied. They also targeted her character—when she admitted to two past drug charges—and her motive by hiring an attorney.

When asked if she was planning to sue the Ravens, she said, “I don’t know yet.”

The prosecution’s second witness testified he saw Sanders and the woman together, but under the defense’s cross-examination, he said he saw no sign Sanders had been drinking.

“Understand, the state is still presenting its case. We, however, on behalf of Mr. Sanders, have a number of witnesses who will testify and will corroborate his innocence,” Alperstein said.

One of those prospective witnesses is Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti, who also saw Sanders and the woman the night of the alleged attack.

Sanders is on paid leave from the Ravens, pending the outcome of the trial. He is also the subject of a separate investigation being conducted by the National Football League.


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