Jason Bonk is a sports attorney and litigator for the Cozen O’Connor firm in New York City.

Jason joined Ed and Steve to talk about another day in the Brady vs NFL appeal case.

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Steve asked Jason what his interpretation is of the proceedings yesterday. Jason acknowledged that the NFL seems to have lost some of its leverage in the case, “it seems as if the NFL legal argument has taken a turn, the NFL’s lawyers likened deflating footballs to using steroids. It makes no sense to me, I don’t understand it and I can see why the judge was turned off by it.”

Ed asked Jason whether or not yesterday’s proceedings might force NFL to think about a possible settlement. Jason believes this may be the case saying, “I think the NFL has taken the leverage too far, now were in a position where the NFL has fallen on itself by saying make guilt or nothing else. At this point the NFL wants to save some face after yesterday.”

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Jason continued by discussing the power the NFL holds to rule on deflate-gate that has previously been collectively bargained, as well as Judge Berman’s perspective of the seriousness or lack thereof of this case.