By Pat Warren

BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings is generating interest. Since hiring a campaign fundraising expert, speculation is growing that he may enter the race to replace retiring U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski.

The congressman is weighing his choices to continue in a so-called safe seat in the House, or take a risk on expanding his influence to the United States Senate.

WJZ’s Pat Warren has more.

He’s boots on the ground in Baltimore and feet on the floor in Washington.

The continued speculation that Congressman Elijah Cummings will run for the Senate is re-fueled by a report that he has hired a veteran in Senate campaign fundraising.

“I think Elijah Cummings is a national figure. I think people know him people like him people trust him,” said Richard Vatz.

Vatz, who’s a political analyst, believes that the democrats already in the race, U.S. Representatives Chris Van Hollen and Donna Edwards, have limited recognition in the Baltimore area. With Van Hollen based in Montgomery and Edwards based in Prince George’s County, Cummings could be the only candidate based in Baltimore, but he is well-known statewide.

“If I were to guess and I’m just guessing, I think this would be sufficiently attractive for him to go for the senatorship,” Vatz said.

A campaign spokesman says, although he continues to evaluate how he can best serve the people of Maryland in 2016 and the future, his number one priority in August 2015 is to continue doing all he can to help Baltimore move forward.

Baltimore County Congressman Dutch Ruppersberger is another potential candidate for Senate, he’s saying he’ll have a decision in September.

The Maryland democratic primary is in April of next year.


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