Jeremy return from his vacation and they get all caught up on how his trip was. Scott points out that Jeremy missed plenty of opportunities to “Click” while he was gone. Scott is still ahead of Jeremy in the “Pick-2-Click” standings. They also talk about the NFL joint practices in training camp. This year has been highlighted by fights between teams and even between teammates. They talk about if the coaches are to blame for all the fighting. The league isn’t suspending or punishing teams for practice issues, but maybe they should.

Joe from East Baltimore calls in to rag on the Orioles. He’s 71 years-old and has been a fan of the Birds since 1958 and guarantees he knows more than Scott and Terry know together. He tells the guys he’s never been against the O’s in his life (except when he bet against the Orioles when they faced Sammy… Sonny Gray) but they can only beat teams that are under .500. His personal opinion is that the Orioles won’t fare well against the Mets or any team above even.

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Russ called in as well to talk Orioles. He gives some insight on what the Orioles problem is: They’re not paying attention.

Jonathan from Cross Keys rounds out the calls with some Professional Golfers’ Association of America talk. He believes the PGA and the media are tricking people and trying to gain a younger audience by playing up the younger golfers. The problem is these guys are losing the tournaments and nobody is winning it. It used to be that Tiger used to hit the put to win it, now guys are winning because another is missing it.

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On a serious note, Bill Ripken joined Scott and Jeremy to talk some Orioles. He commends Buck Showalter for his management of the bullpen. They also discuss the addition of Gerardo Parra and what that has meant to the team.

Elkton John rounds out the week for your listening pleasure. Some topics include: Tyrod Taylor’s hands and his newest Facebook followers: Jerry Seinfeld and Wally Williams.

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