Mike Preston covers the Ravens and writes a column for the Baltimore sun Sports section.

Mike joined Ed and Steve to recap a blowout loss for the Ravens in Philly on Saturday night.

Steve asked Mike what we should make of the Ravens preseason game against the Eagles. Mike doesn’t think that we should look too deep into this lack luster performance saying, “not too much. The Ravens looked like a team that just wanted to go home. There wasn’t much effort and Terrell Suggs set the tone with the way he played early in the game.”

Ed asked Mike about our players not looking very engaged during this game. Mike acknowledged that this was not a good way for the Ravens to finish up their time in Philly saying, “this wasn’t a great tone setter. Maybe they learn from this. They’re not used to staying on the road for 4 or 5 days.”

Mike went on to discuss the Ravens decision to spend as much time as they have on the road practicing as they have, the comments made by Chris Carter at last years’ Rookie Symposium, and the Ravens offensive line struggling to fight off the injury bug.


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