BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Neighborhood tensions turn to bloodshed in Southwest Baltimore. Four teenagers are stabbed — all between the ages of 14 and 16 years old.

The family of one of the victims tells Christie Ileto the boy is fighting for his life.

The aunt of a 15-year-old victim says her nephew was stabbed three times and is now in critical condition — all because of a war of words.

Residents describe the brawl as a blood bath.

“Slight riot kicked off. People coming out the store, people coming out the house. A lady started swinging a baseball bat. Somebody come running out the house stabbing people with knives,” a witness said.

Sky Eye Chopper 13 captured the melee at Washington Boulevard and Harman Avenue in Southwest Baltimore. Four teens were stabbed; one was left in critical condition.

“They are children. And anytime it escalates to this point, whether you’re adults or children, it’s quite sad,” said Detective Donny Moses, Baltimore City Police Department.

“It basically started because somebody disrespected somebody’s mother,” the aunt of one of the victim’s said.

That woman spoke exclusively to WJZ, saying her 15-year-old nephew is one of those targeted.

“I just came out here. It was a bunch of people running around. Nobody was stabbed yet. And then you just heard people saying this person got stabbed and this person got stabbed. I came up and realized it was my nephew. He was doing pretty bad,” she said.

“He was stabbed three different times. One of them punctured his lung,” the victim’s aunt continued.

Two adults and two teens were arrested. Police say they could be facing charges of attempted murder.

Police say the area where the stabbing occurred has been marred with racial tension recently, but neighbors say this was simply a group of kids versus another.

Police say the three others stabbed have non-life threatening injuries.