BALTIMORE (WJZ) — We all want to feel fabulous, but for women living with Type 2 diabetes, it can be a difficult goal. That’s why the Maryland Diabetes Association is launching a new program called Fabulous You and it’s working!

India Harris is a 55-year-old Baltimore woman. Sixteen weeks ago, she was not a picture of perfect health. She’s struggling with complications of pre-diabetes, extra weight, glaucoma and diminished vision in her left eye.

But now, she’s 25 pounds light and already feeling healthier after just 16 weeks of being part of Fabulous You.

“I do feel fabulous. I really do. I look so much better. I have more energy; I have more wind. I can go longer on my walks. I don’t jog, but I could probably jog a little bit,” Barnes said.

Fabulous You launched in March, when Barnes and 16 other women were chosen to participate during a health screening at Lexington Market. Classes and counselors teach them about food choices, exercise and managing their diabetes—and they do it with a support system built in.

“I tried to lose weight before, when I was diagnosed two years ago. I lost it for a minute; gained it back because I did it by myself but with the Fabulous You, the ladies and I have the support of each other,” Barnes said.

And at the end of the first Fabulous You program in November, Barnes and the other women will be part of a big celebration of their success at a luncheon at the Horseshoe Casino.

“Many of the ladies have overcome significant barriers to transform their own health and by doing that, they can inspire women in the audience,” said Kathy Rogers, Executive Director of Maryland’s ADA.

Barnes is already a huge inspiration and next year, she will mentor the next group of women on their journey to fabulous.

Barnes wants to lose 10 more pounds before the big celebration in November.

More than 12 million women in the US are affected by Type 2 diabetes.

For a link to the Fabulous You program or to learn more about the celebration, click here.


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