Ryan Wilson with CBS Sports stopped by the Scott Garceau Show with Jeremy Conn with new information from around the league.

The Steelers starting center Maurkice Pouncey went down this past week due to a leg injury, “People like to call guys injury prone, but this is unlucky someone fell on his leg, there’s not much you can do about that. So, they turn to the backup they turned to two years ago, number 72 (Cody Wallace)…, they signed him two years ago, he didn’t make it with the Buccaneers, he bounced around and did an adequate job. I think you ‘re lucky in the sense that it’s the center position, now Maurkice Pouncey is one of the most athletic centers in the NFL, he does a lot of pulling, but it’s also not a left tackle or right tackle, that is on an island on his own on the outside there protecting the Quarterback, so in that sense, they’re OK.”

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Ryan Wilson speculates on the team to watch. One team stands out, in his heart, above the rest, “I love the Vikings, I love Teddy Bridgewater, I love that defense, I think it’s going to surprise people. I love the fact that Adrian Peterson’s going to be back there to help Bridgewater, he took a year off last year, it was a forced year off but he still didn’t take any hits for 16 straight weeks and they have Mike Wallace. You hope that Mike Wallace shows up like the one we saw in Pittsburgh and not the one we saw in Miami, and I think that team will be really good, and I think it would reinforce the notion that the Browns are idiots not to draft Bridgewater when they had the chance last year, instead settling on Manziel.”

The number one and two picks in this years NFL draft were two young, talented, promising quarterbacks, drafted to the Buccaneers, and the Titans. Expecting greatness, fans observed both with a microscope, “Everyone was worried after week one of the preseason when they didn’t look great and now everyone seems okay with them, and I think that’s how it goes. I watched every snap Winston took in that first preseason game, he didn’t look very good, but the guys had never played in an NFL game before. Last week he looked composed and seemed more comfortable, and I suspect that will continue for both him and Marcus Mariota, and I think if either of these teams can win six games, and this is what I’ve said for some time, that’s their Super Bowl, that’s a good start for two teams that went 2-14 last year.”

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