This week’s Best Of includes an interview with Brent Harris re-capping the Ravens loss to the Eagles, Ron Sirak talking Tiger Woods at the Wyndham Championship, and John Eisenberg on Ravens training camp injuries.

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Brent Harris covers the Ravens for Comcast Sportsnet Mid-Atlantic and

Brent joined Ed and Steve to talk about the Ravens huge loss to the Eagles and where they go from here.

Steve asked Brent about head coach John Harbaugh grabbing the camera man’s camera during the halftime interview. Brent said of the incident, “I don’t think the camera man was very happy. It was a miscommunication about where the interview would take place. John thought the interview should take place near the bench as opposed to near the locker room.”

Ed asked Brent if we should try to dismiss this performance as not meaning very much considering it was only a preseason game. Brent thinks we shouldn’t just count out this performance saying, “defensively they were playing horribly, they gave up a special teams touchdown. It does matter that they didn’t show up. In the end you try to get better from all those mistakes.”

Brent went on to discuss the struggles of the Ravens special teams against the Eagles, the concerns surrounding Ravens rookie wide receiver Breshad Perriman, and the mind set of players on the sidelines during the loss in Philadelphia.


Ron Sirak is the Senior Writer for Golf Digest and a published author of many books on golf.

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Ron joined Ed and Steve to talk about Tiger’s performance at the Wyndham Championship and if he is closer to returning to the top of his game.

Steve asked Ron about the rise in TV ratings in relation to Tiger Woods being in contention. Ron noted, “it wasn’t just the TV ratings, the attendance was 40% higher than they normally get at Wyndham. Tiger is a once in a generation player and creates a buzz every time he steps on the course.”

Ed asked Ron about Tiger possibly over compensating for any injuries he’s had to battle over the past few years. Ron believes what is happening to Tiger is a common occurrence in sports saying, “We see it in every sport, when you play hurt you tend to overcompensate which ends up affecting everything else.”

Ron went on to discuss the steady decline of Tiger Woods’ health over the past couple of years, as well as, how long Tiger Woods’ off season will last.


John Eisenberg writes a column and covers the ravens for

John joined Ed and Steve to talk about the Ravens recent preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Steve asked John about what we should take from the recent preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles. John doesn’t think we should look too deep into the performance saying, “we lost by 23, and the first team gets blasted, but my point is even if they win by 23 points I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in it. These early preseason games are mainly for evaluating players.”

Ed asked John about what his biggest concerns are with the ravens to this point in the preseason. John is mostly concerned with injuries to important pieces of the roster saying he’s concerned with, “Kelechi Osemele that’s a guy they’re really counting on, on the offensive line. Lardarius Webb, who is a big part of our secondary, already our cornerback depth is being tested and then Breshad Perriman of course, our first round pick who has been out since the beginning of camp.”

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John went on to discuss position battles at tight end, wide receiver, and in the secondary. He also gave his opinion on the Tom Brady deflate gate saga that has been going on since the AFC Championship Game last year.