BALTIMORE (WJZ) — One by one, six Baltimore police officers will face trial for Freddie Gray’s in custody death. Protestors now renewing their calls for justice as the case moves forward.

Christie Ileto was there for the evening demonstrations.

Outside court, there were mostly peaceful protests, with just one arrest and a minor officer injury.

“We’ve made one arrest, or, one person who chose not to protest peacefully and he assaulted a police officer. The police officer escaped with minor injuries,” said Interim Police Commissioner Kevin Davis.

Many activists say it was a sigh of relief when they learned the charges were sticking were for the six accused officers, but some remain skeptical justice will be served.

A day of protests ends the way it starts—outside Mitchell Courthouse, calling for justice for Freddie Gray after a judge rules the charges stick against the six accused cops and Marilyn Mosby stays on the case.

“Happy is probably an overstatement, but this is just a start,” said one activist.

Activists crowded the corner of Calvert and Fayette streets following morning protests, where police arrested 21-year-old Darius Rosebrough for disorderly conduct and assault.

“They threw him down, cuffed him. And when I came up to look at him, they were holding a taser on his back,” said activist Colleen Davidson. “I don’t know if they were letting it off, but there were four cops on one guy.”

Officers say he blocked the roadway. Witnesses say he was hit by a car.

“I don’t want the actions of one single person to serve as a distraction to an otherwise very productive day,” Comm. Davis said.


Still, the judge’s decision was welcome news until Julie Macgregor says she learned the six cops would be tried individually.

Ileto: “What’s the fear?”

Macgregor: “Once they have divided the cases down into six, they’ll start dropping them.”

Ileto: “You think that could be a reality?”

Macgregor: “I do. It’s been reality before.”

Tawanda Jones says she knows that firsthand. Her brother, Tyrone West, died in police custody in 2013.

“This is not a Freddie Gray, a Tyrone West thing. This is a worldwide thing,” she said.

And that means for protestors:

“We’re not going away. The police department has got to be changed,” said Macgregor.

Protestors say they’ll be back out next Thursday during the second hearing, which deals with moving the trial out of Baltimore.

“I feel like they murdered him here in Baltimore City, so they should be tried here in Baltimore City,” said Kiona, the woman who recorded Freddie Gray’s arrest.

Maryland State Police along with Prince George’s County and Montgomery County assisted city police.

Rosebrough was charged with second degree assault, disorderly conduct and giving false statement to the police.