Jason Bonk is a sports attorney and litigator for the Cozen O’Connor firm in New York City.

Jason joined Ed and Steve to talk about the Tom Brady suspension being overturned by a judge’s ruling.

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Steve asked Jason if he was surprised by the decision of Judge Berman to overturn Tom Brady’s 4 game suspension. Jason noted, “as a matter of labor law and collective bargaining, I am a bit surprised. This case was about procedure, not underlying facts.”

Ed asked Jason what he thinks this ruling says about Roger Goodell and the NFL’s case against Tom Brady and the Patriots. Jason believes that the NFL’s case was flawed from the beginning saying, “the NFL’s egos have been so inflated and I think Goodell went a step too far. To compare deflated footballs to performance enhancing drugs walks right down the tunnel that Tom Brady’s defense wanted them to walk.”

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Jason went on to discuss the upcoming appeals process and the likely hood of success of the appeal, and what the point of an appeal on this ruling actually is.