BALTIMORE (WJZ)– As Baltimore City police continues its crackdown on dirt bike riding, one Carroll County man is  speaking out after he had two of his dirt bikes stolen.

WJZ’s Amy Yensi has more.

Rick Justice was watching a news report on illegal dirt bike riding on Reisterstown Road when he spotted one of his stolen bikes on TV.

“It had unique features. A Lucky Morgan muffler, race grips and 13 which is my lucky number,” said Justice.

But back in August he wasn’t feel so lucky. When his son noticed two dirt bikes were missing from their Carroll County shed.

Police say Rick Justice is not alone, most bikes seen on Reisterstown Road are stolen from outside Baltimore.

“If we’re going to stop a dirt bike, we’re absolutely going to verify if it’s stolen and registered. If it’s not, those bikes are going to be seized that’s just the bottom line,” police said.

Justice’s bike was seized and taken to the Department of Transportation lot.

“I finally got the bike but I’m out $130 bucks and a lot of aggravation,” he said.

Officers are trying to avoid frustrating stories like his by limiting the flow of traffic on Reisterstown Road to just one lane in each direction.

It’s what they are calling a “traffic calming” approach which goes into effect each Sunday afternoon when dirt bikers hold their weekly gathering.

Justice says he’s hoping before the city comes up with a solution for the dirt bikers–like building a park– authorities verify the riders are the legal owners of the bike so other dirt bike owners can avoid this aggravation.

Justice says he’s still missing one bike.

In order to claim stolen dirt bikes from the city’s towing lot you must provide proof of ownership.

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