BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Just last week, a judge ordered the six officers charged in Freddie Gray’s death to have separate trials. Later this week, a hearing will determine if those trials will remain in Baltimore or be moved to other locations.

WJZ’s Tracey Leong asks–should those trials be moved out of Baltimore?

“I believe that the Freddie Gray trial should be held here in Maryland, and Baltimore City, rather,” said Inshallah Brown. “Because it happened here in Baltimore City, and like myself, other citizens of Baltimore City would like to see justice take place.”

“I feel as though it should remain in Baltimore, simply because it is a Baltimore issue,” said Dillon Fulton. “A citizen perished at the hands of Baltimore Police, so it seems like it’s kind of our problem.”

“It doesn’t matter if you change it from here or Anne Arundel County or anywhere in the state of Maryland, it’s Mosby. She still would be the prosecutor. So what good is a change of venue going to do? It’s going to cost taxpayers more money either way you look at it,” Herman Ellis said.

“Loving this city and the people in the city, I think it would only bring a peace on all of us if the trials were taken out of the city,” one woman said.

“I believe it should be tried here in Baltimore because this is where it happened,” said Odessa Rose. “The people should be able to have a say in what goes on after something so traumatic that happened in our city.”

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The same judge that heard last week’s case will also decide on whether the trials will be held here in Baltimore.


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